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Color Changing MUG

CMG06 Color Changing MUG

Color Changing MUG

Promotional color changing Magic Mug is a great marketing tool which is made of a special heat

sensitive coating that transforms the color of the mug once poured some hot liquid in it. These

Customized Color Changing Mugs are often utilized in restaurant, coffee shop or anywhere like caf . It

has a diameter or 80mm with 98mm height. You’ll be able to notice the transformation of these Color

Changing Mugs in blue color that we’re providing with an 11Oz. These mugs can have your creative

designs printed on them which will appear when the user will pour hot water or any beverage in it.

Customized Color Changing Mugs are admired by many restaurants because a lot of people with

different thoughts come over there to ease their mind, thus your creativity can easily attract them that

make it a very good promotional product itself

14.00  AED

2000 in stock


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