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WCS/103/BK LED Light Wireless Charger

WCS/103/BK LED Light Wireless Charger


- Coils: 1pc

- Input: DC5V/2.0A

- Wireless Output: 5W

- Materiel: ABS +Rubber Finish

- Color:black

- Size: 112 x 69 x 14mm

- Accessory: 100cm Micro USB cable/


- Leather anti-skid design

- Brighten your own logo

Product overview

1. Micro USB input port

2. LED Indicator light

3. Wireless charging area

4. LED light


1. 5W uni-coil wireless charger with LED


2. Support the Led indicator light display

with your logo.

3. LED in 3 instructions:

-Turn on the red light and blue light

alternately, then the red light is always on.

-Foreign object detection,otherwise

the blue light will always on.

-The blue light is always on when

your wireless device charging on it.

Using wireless charger:

• Connect the wireless charger with micro

USB cable to the wireless charging pad (1.),

connect the USB to the power adapter.

The LED with your logo(4.) and LED

Indicator(2.) lights up.

• Make sure your phone is compatible for

wireless charging.

• Put your wireless charging device on the

wireless charging area (3.)

• LED Indicator lights up in blue when

charging successfully.

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