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TSM 242-Thermo Mug

TSM 242-Thermo Water Bottle Mug

promotional sports travel bottles are used quite frequently at the gym, fitness club, in sports events or even in offices and universities. That is why, custom sports water bottles are great giveaway items for the purpose of promoting your brand towards your target audience. They can also save us a small fortune instead of buying bottled water or other soft drinks.

They are made up of Aluminum, which makes them very durable for day to day usage and also makes them look premium. These custom bottles also have a carabineer clip, which helps you in attaching these bottles to your bag while you are traveling, so you don't have to carry them in your hands all the time.

These drink ware have a nice and high quality mate finish and can be had in a variety of colors. They can be given away as gifts to your valuable employees, friends and customers. Get your brand logo printed to these custom water bottles via the available printing options of color screen printing and promote your brand whenever you're on the go.

Promotional Sports Bottles

  • Capacity 750ml
  • 73mm Dia. x 255mm (h)
  • White, Black, Blue, Red, Green Colors Available.

1000 in stock


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Appreciation & Awards