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Executive corporate gift items -Gift Set

VTGS103 VIP Technology Gift Set

Executive corporate gift items -Gift Set

- Wireless Power Bank

Technical Specification

1. Capacity: 10000 mAh 2. DC Input: 5V / 2.0A

3. DC Output: 5V / 1A / 2.1A 4. Wireless Charging Output: 5W

5. Wireless frequency range: 1-8mm

6. Wireless Charge Compatibility: device-is compatible with products supportingQi standard.

7. To charge full the power bank: 6 hours

Luxurious and fashionable hi Quality Organizer Size: 8.5 inch (23.5x19cm) with 6

binder ring & Magnetic buckle closure Elite combination for pocket card slot, Refillable

paper Notes,Includes undated 12-month tab set,Address & telephone directory ,additionalNote Book A5

- USB  Flash Drive :Made of Rubberized with ABS plastic

Size: 51.5x22x5.6mm,

Memory capacity: - 32GB

Personalization: Double sided -Led Light Logo.

- Metal Pen

Elegant ball point pen design in well-balanced

construction that adds a remarkable writing


- Paper Gift Box

250.00  AED

500 in stock


Appreciation & Awards

Appreciation & Awards