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VIP Technology Gift Set

VTGS106 VIP Technology Gift Set

VIP Technology Gift set 

- Wireless Power Bank

1. Capacity: 10000 mAh

2. DC Input: 5V / 2.0A

3. DC Output: 5V / 1A / 2.1A

4. Wireless Charging Output: 5W

5. Wireless frequency range: 1-8mm

6. Wireless Charge Compatibility: device is compatible with products supporting Qi standard.

- Temperature Display IndicatorThermo Mug

Temperature Flask comes with SMART DIGITAL DESIGN,

With an HD LCD touch screen for prompt real-time water

temperature display. Smart Bottle is Stylish and Durable. Let

you drink the water that is most suitable for temperature

anytime, anywhere.

- Multi Retractable Fast Charger

Multi Retractable Fast Charger Cord 3A, 3-in-1 USB

Charging Cable for IP/Type-C/Micro-USB Compatible

with Cell Phones/Tablets/Samsung Galaxy/Pixel/Sony/LG/HTC.

- Metal Pen

Elegant ball point pen design in well-balanced

construction that adds a remarkable writing experience.

- Paper Gift Box

250.00  AED

500 in stock


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Appreciation & Awards