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Wireless Charging Mousepad

Wireless Charging Mousepad - Blue

Built in Wireless Charger Mouse Pad

- 4 in 1 Multifunction:

Elegant Appearance wireless Mouse pad, Smart Phones Stand and Pen holder QI 10W Wireless Charger, it

can be used at the same time, will Minimize the Cluster and Maximize your Work Space

- 15W Wireless Charger:

can Work as a Wireless Charger. the Red Indicator LED Light at the End of the Pad means Micro USB

Cable Connected. After Putting your Phone on it, the other LED Light will turns Blue (Please Put Your

Devices into the Charging Position)

- Smartphone Kickstand:

This wireless Mouse Pad also can Work as a Phone Holder, it can hold any Smartphones.

- Perfect for Desk or Table to Watch Movies or Read etc sync charging your phone.

- Size: 30Wx26H

700 in stock


Appreciation & Awards

Appreciation & Awards