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Promotional Non Woven Bag has always stand out from all competitions in the market; our non woven bag is made from polypropylene which feels and looks like a fabric cloth is soft, strong and light weight they also come in vibrant colors and are eco friendly. Most importantly they are 100% reusable, 100% recyclable and foldable giving you an easy carriage and so many options you desire for a shopping or carriage bags. Our bags are in two sizes 38cm x 30cm x 12cm is the standard size for the Vertical and 33cm x 43cm x 12cm for the Horizontal. Our custom non woven bag is designed to provide you with options for branding any type of logo in one spot color or two separate spot colors and also they serve as souvenirs for weddings, functions and, many more.

Promotional Non Woven Bags

  • Material: Non Woven
  • Size:  38x30x12 cm
  • Available Colors : Green, Black, Red, Blue, White, Orange, Pink,, Dark Pink, Purple, Yellow

3.00  AED

5000 in stock

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Appreciation & Awards